Our Values

A Vibrant Community – We share an extraordinary life of welcome, celebration, traditions, togetherness and belonging.

Celebration of the Value of Each Person – We know and appreciate each person; we listen to each other and develop and share our talents and gifts.

Openness to Mutual Relationships – We develop life-changing friendships where each of us gives and each of us receives.

A Journey Together – We care how our actions affect others and learn how to treat others with kindness, respect and in a spirit of togetherness.

Nurturing of our Gifts and Growth – We support one another to grow and to reach our potential.

A Valued Role – We each have a part to play in our community and work alongside others for the common good.

Shared Spirituality – We see and discover a spiritual meaning in day-to-day life and reflect on our common humanity.

A Life of Joy – We have fun and share our joy and gratitude.

An Opportunity to Shape a More Human Society – We share the vision and spirit of L’Arche beyond our community and advocate for a more just and human society.