L’Arche Daybreak

A large, well-established community bringing together people of diverse cultures and religions, known for its creative workshops and beautiful spiritual centre.

In a world that often sees people with intellectual disabilities as less than whole, L’Arche celebrates their creativity, transparency and great capacity for joy as important gifts to be shared.

Founded in 1969 in Richmond Hill, Ontario, L’Arche Daybreak is the oldest L’Arche community in North America, welcoming men and women with intellectual disabilities and the assistants who live, work and learn with them.

People are drawn to our community from all over the world seeking a different way of life and bringing with them a wide range of beliefs, backgrounds and qualifications. The orientation program for assistants fosters personal growth, competence and lasting friendships.

Many local friends participate in our community life as volunteers. Other friends, students and visitors attend our worship services or retreats at Dayspring, our spiritual centre. L’Arche Daybreak is a dynamic example of how people of different intellectual capacity, social origin and culture can live and learn together.




11339 Yonge Street
Richmond Hill, Ontario L4S 1L1

Tel.: (905) 884-3454

Email: office@larchedaybreak.com
Website: www.larchedaybreak.com

Community Leader: Trish Glennon