L’Arche Stratford

L’Arche Stratford is a growing and dynamic community in the heart of Stratford, Ontario – a city renowned for culture and the dramatic arts.

L’Arche Stratford began in 1973 in the former convent at St. Joseph Catholic Church. Marjorie Pickersgill, the founding Community Leader, along with 4 other Assistants welcomed founding Core Member, Gary McCrea. The community expanded quickly in the early days by welcoming one Core Member a month.

The community currently has 4 homes and supports a variety of people in Supported Independent Living models. In total, the community supports 29 Core Members. In addition, L’Arche Stratford offers Day activities to over 50 people from the surrounding area.



PO Box 522, Station Main
400 Huron St.
Stratford (ON) N5A 6T7

Tel.: (519) 271 9751
Fax: (519) 271 1861

Email: info@larche.stratford.on.ca
Website: www.larchestratford.ca

Community Leader: Stephanie Calma