L’Arche de la Capitale-Nationale (l'Étoile)

L'Arche de la Capitale-Nationale is a community living environment working with people living with an intellectual disability. We offer them a family environment that promotes their full development.

The people we welcome are accompanied by assistants who share their daily life by living with them in our homes. Located in the lower town of Quebec City, in the magnificent St-Sauveur district, the Arche de la Capitale-Nationale was founded in 1976. Today, we have 4 residential homes and a day center. We welcome a total of 20 people with an intellectual disability. Several assistants share their daily life, their work, their joys and their sorrows in a family and fraternal atmosphere. We are members of the International Federation of L'Arche Communities working in more than 152 communities in 37 countries. There are 8 communities in Quebec.


218, St-Sauveur
Québec (Québec) G1N 4S1

Tel.:  (418) 527-8839
Fax: (418) 527-8738

Email: larcheletoile@videotron.ca
Website: www.arche-quebec.ca

Community leader: Erik Pirro

Day Centre
Tel.: (418) 529-4874
Email: cdjetoile@gmail.com