Western Canada

We are a warm and welcoming community filled with people who celebrate life. Our most popular events include sharing food, playing musical instruments and dancing and singing. At our festivities, everyone is welcome and we have lots of fun.
A small, warm community that benefits from a large network of friends, situated in a lovely town on the east coast of Vancouver Island.
L’Arche Edmonton is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a community where people with and without developmental disabilities can live, work and share their lives together.
A large community in a metropolis on the mountainous west coast of Canada, very engaged in social justice and interfaith dialogue in its milieu.
A community recognized as a model for the quality of its relationships and the support it provides, located in a small city in beautiful southern Alberta.
An exciting community in the beautiful province of Saskatchewan, building friendships in the city of bridges.
Located in Manitoba, at the geographical centre of Canada, L’Arche Winnipeg has been creating homes and social opportunities for people with developmental disabilities since 1973.