L’Arche Saint John

A place where hospitality is at the heart of life.

The seed of L’Arche Saint John was first planted in 1991, when an ecumenical faith fellowship began meeting to nurture a vision for this community. Over years of gathering regularly for activities, worship, and celebration, the group’s vision grew and spread. Finally, in 2005, L’Arche Saint John was able to open the doors of its first home, named McKim House in memory of George and Charlotte McKim, whose dedication played a key role in bringing L’Arche to New Brunswick.

McKim House continues to be a lively and welcoming home for the core members and assistants who share daily life here, and a place where a wide diversity of people – volunteers, visitors, and friends, people of differing abilities – may connect with this community and discover relationships that transform them.

If you venture the streets of uptown Saint John, at 95 Prince William Street you will find Creative Connections, our lively and growing arts scene where members of our community, along with many friends, come together and collaborate: creating beautiful art, through various forms and mediums, that allows each of us to learn and to grow, while also creating a welcoming inclusive environment where all participants are safe to express themselves.

Our community depends upon a great number of individuals who, identifying with our vision and wishing to see L’Arche flourish in New Brunswick, offer their energy and gifts through friendship and prayer, volunteering and fundraising. Together, we enable our core members to live their lives in a full and meaningful way, each valued as having a unique contribution to make, participating in the wider community, and growing in friendship.



623 Lancaster Avenue
Saint John, NB E2M 2M3

Tel. 506-672-6504

Website: www.larchesaintjohn.org
Email: larchesaintjohn@nb.aibn.com

Community Leader: Rachel Vander Vennen