L'Arche Canada Mandate


The L‘Arche Canada Mandate is inspired by the following principles:

  • Remaining faithful to our vision of inclusion and belonging.
  • Aligning with the L’Arche International mandate adopted at the June 2017 L'Arche International General Assembly.
  • Continuing the work on the themes of the L’Arche Canada 2013 mandate.
  • Ensuring that L’Arche Canada is well positioned to adapt to the new challenges the next 5 to 10 years will bring.

L'Arche Canada recognizes the need to renew itself in order to respond to internal and external challenges. For this reason, this mandate is focused on change. The mandate is for a transitional period of three years. Although the mandate specifies three directions for change, it does not exclude the priorities and projects underway in L’Arche Canada. We will continue to build on and consolidate the many accomplishments already achieved in the past mandate in the areas of Servant Leadership, growth, outreach, and communications.

L’Arche is a gift that has been entrusted to us. Together, we are responsible for L’Arche and for its future. Each person - community member, national, regional and local leader, board member, volunteer, donor and friend - has a contribution to make as we commit to this mandate and the course of action that will be developed to realize it.


Go Deeper: Continue to nurture and integrate our fundamental principles, core values, and spirituality in everything we do.

  • Evaluate the Servant Leadership Program and plan the next steps for its ongoing use and development.
  • Re-examine the leadership roles at the national, regional and community levels, as well as the leadership selection process.
  • Provide a space for all members of L’Arche Canada to reconcile and to rebuild trust after past tensions and conflicts.
  • Ensure that all facets of L’Arche activity reflect our core values, including respect for the dignity of all our members.

Go Out: Claim our place in society and help build a more human Canadian society where everyone belongs.

  • Support growth in communities and continue to explore new models to live the Identity and Mission of L’Arche in a changing Canada.
  • Build dynamic partnerships with all levels of government and with other organizations to promote the contributions of people with intellectual disabilities and to foster an understanding of their needs.
  • Increase collective fundraising capacity by sharing a common understanding of the purpose and means of fundraising and by working more collaboratively.
  • Use the written word, creative arts, social media, new technologies, and other innovative means to promote the values of equality, integration, and inclusion for people of all abilities.

Go Within: Build a vibrant national structure that respects the diversity of L’Arche across Canada.

  • Review L’Arche Canada’s national structure, processes and communication to ensure that all levels of the organization can respond effectively to current and future challenges.
  • Establish a balance between the benefits of centralized functions, common processes, and policies, and the unique strengths and needs of individual communities, provinces and regions.
  • Clarify and strengthen relationships between L’Arche Canada and all communities, as well as with the L’Arche Canada Foundation (LCF), l’Association des Arches du Québec (AAQ), la Fondation des Arches du Québec (FAQ), and L’Arche International.