L’Arche Hamilton

Beautiful university city situated on the shores of Lake Ontario. The inner-city community that is a sign of hope.

Founded in 1978, our community is proud to be part of the City of Hamilton. We live in a culturally diverse city surrounded by the natural beauty of Niagara Falls, the wine region, and the Niagara Escarpment. Hamilton is a working-class town, but home to many big-city amenities like a symphony, university, art galleries and even a professional football team.

Situated near downtown, our homes, apartment, and workshop are within walking distance of each other and are well integrated into the local city life. On a weekend, it is not surprising to find us attending one of the many festivals around town, cheering in the stands at a hockey game or bringing friends together for a barbeque.

We enjoy being a part of this city and each other’s lives!



664 Main Street East
Hamilton, ON L8M 1K2

Tel.: 905-312-0162
Fax: 905-312-0165

Email: office@larchehamilton.org
Website: https://larchehamilton.org

Community Leader: Sarah Tuck