The L’Arche Relational Model

Sharing life in communities of friendship and belonging

L’Arche creates communities where the members, with and without intellectual disabilities, share life together. Each member receives support to grow, attain their goals, and contribute their gifts and abilities.

Life-sharing breaks down the barriers in the traditional caregiving relationship. Mutual care, respect and compassion transform these relationships. The persons supported and those who support them help each other reach their full potential.

L’Arche communities do not exist for themselves alone. The members participate in and contribute to the life of their families, neighbourhoods, towns and cities, and the faith, cultural, service and recreational organizations where they belong.

Supports for a good and meaningful life

L’Arche provides supports for persons with intellectual disabilities to have mutual, caring relationships, a personal spiritual journey, a home, meaningful work/daytime activity, and belonging in their communities of interest.

Each person has a personal support plan developed by listening to their hopes and dreams, choices and goals. The plan responds to their care needs as they change over time. Their circles help individuals meet their goals for a good and meaningful life.

While delivered through a unique relational model, these supports are funded by and meet or exceed government standards. L’Arche communities work closely with family/other advocates, professionals and other service providers.

Through our Growth Initiative, L’Arche Canada is working with the L’Arche communities, benefactors and external partners to develop diverse, innovative, and sustainable ways for more people with intellectual disabilities to share life in L’Arche, providing more choices that meet their hopes and needs for a meaningful life.