Building a more inclusive society

L’Arche is committed to promoting the contributions of persons with intellectual disabilities and partnering with others to build a more diverse and inclusive society. With the depth of our experience and expertise, and national reach extending beyond the developmental services sector, L’Arche is poised to take a lead in transforming the way Canadians see people with intellectual disabilities and welcome their gifts and contributions.

When communities welcome the contributions of persons with intellectual and other disabilities, they thrive, and we all benefit from a more vibrant, creative, and compassionate society.
Our commitment to respect all individuals, to prevent abuse, discrimination and harassment, and to provide support and intervention when required.
On February 8, members of L’Arche attended an “in person” session of the accessibility consultation, as several L’Arche folk from other communities had done in their cities.
The core of the works and message of Jean Vanier is a deep affirmation of life and the recognition that human fragility and suffering are pathways to healing and communion.