L’Arche Near You

Theme : Responsibility

There are 31 L’Arche communities in 9 provinces across Canada. They stretch from Newfoundland to Vancouver Island. L’Arche Canada supports and works with the communities through four regions: Atlantic, Quebec, Ontario and Western Canada.

The L’Arche communities support over 800 persons with intellectual disabilities in nearly 200 residential and vocational settings. These supports are provided in a unique L’Arche relational model that helps individuals to achieve their goals for a good and meaningful life.

Life-sharing happens in a variety of community, work and residential settings. In the traditional L’Arche home, 2 to 3 assistants “live-in” and make a home with 4 to 6 persons with disabilities. Other “live-out” assistants, family, friends and volunteers also participate in the life of the home.

The communities vary in size, history and local flavour, yet they share the same spirit of welcome, joy and celebration. The members share in decision-making, chores, activities and the life of the community as they desire and are able.

Each L’Arche is rooted in its local culture. The members participate in and contribute to their neighbourhood, town or city. Each community has a large network of family, friends, neighbours, volunteers, donors, and other supporters.

Revelations of Abuse in Trosly, France

In a letter dated March 24, 2015, the Leaders of L’Arche International informed the communities of L’Arche around the world of the results of a canonical (Church) inquiry into accounts of sexual abuse by Père Thomas Philippe who was involved in the beginnings of the first community of L’Arche in Trosly. (Père Thomas died in 1993 so there was no trial.)