Mon ami Gil, a Story of Friendship…

Such a friendship isn’t shaped by circumstances or conversations. It has nothing to prove. This friendship simply “is,” existing and enduring through everything.

Throughout the entire series, its creator speaks of his personal interactions with Gil. He recognizes that although he only sees Gil occasionally and they speak to each other very little, he has a deep affection for his friend who holds an important place in his life.

For the series’ creator (Manu), there’s no doubt that Gil is his friend, but it quickly becomes obvious that he doesn’t possess a monopoly on being friends with Gil. Gil is surrounded by all sorts of people who also call him “mon ami Gil.”

This is what’s so extraordinary in Gil’s life. Through rich yet mostly non-verbal expression, he touches so many hearts and inspires so much friendship around him.

Mon Ami Gil - Dedication from L'Arche Canada on Vimeo.

But this story of love and friendship isn’t necessarily visible at first sight – and Gil can’t put it into words. So, we needed to listen to his heart and the hearts of the people in his world. We did this through interviews and testimonials, as well as by simply being present and acknowledging what’s being said without words.

The true subject of the series lies in the friendship that Gil inspires, a gift shared by many other people with disabilities. Even though this friendship seems to exist in the background while we’re busy talking about inclusion.

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Project initiator: Gil Frois
Filming: Voices and Colors New Media
Production: Jean Vanier Association
Web series adaptation: L’Arche Canada
Filming and dissemination partners: L’Arche Agapè and Association des Arches du Québec